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Making a way, where there seems to be no way.

The Waymakers Foundation was born out of the direct calling placed on the hearts of Marty and Stephanie Nixon for helping those in need. Waymakers is built on the premise of becoming for others what they would want if they were in the situations and face the circumstances of others. This empathy directive fuels them to gather all the necessary items, tools, people, and network partners to achieve the most impactful opportunities for others as they can.

Marty and Stephanie, as many couples do, went through life-changing experiences that created a hopeless appearance. Their strong faith in God and the belief He had plans for them, plans for them to prosper them and to protect them, allowed them to continue to persevere through adversity. During this time it was birthed that they would cast their cares aside and help others as they took the “If we take care of others, He will take care of us” approach.



Marty & Stephanie Nixon

Sometimes we look back and say 'I don't know how we made it, we just did'. He is the JUST DID

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